Dear Parents and Carers

Your ongoing cooperation is very much appreciated as we head into Week 11. During this uncertain period we would like to communicate with you all what will be happening during Week 11 (the last week of Term) and what Term 2 might look like.

Week 11

As was announced by the Minister last week by a letter to all parents and carers, Week 11 is dedicated to pupil free days to provide professional learning for teachers to create and design flexible learning options for Term 2 and schools are closed.

From Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April 2020, teachers will be undertaking professional development days to prepare for the continued delivery of education in Term 2. From Term 2, we know that teaching and learning will need to occur in a new way with flexible learning arrangements to be delivered to students which are tailored at the school-level and stage of schooling. Our teachers need time to plan and prepare for this so that the transition to a new way of teaching and learning is more successful for your children.

Parents are encouraged to keep their children at home in Week 11, however we understand that families who provide an essential service within the community and students who are ‘vulnerable’ can attend the alternative program being offered at school.  Please register if you are using this option for Week 11 via this link or register via the front office. Parents who do not meet this category will need to find alternate arrangements.   Your support in allowing us to keep the school population in Week 11 to an absolute minimum is appreciated. The program that will be operating will consist of students working on their 2 week learning materials that teachers have already prepared. The school for Week 11 will be in 2 downstairs classrooms, and the remainder of the school will be closed.

The school canteen will be closed from this Thursday, and those students attending this week and those children of essential services in Week 11, will be required to bring food from home for recess and lunch.

Term 2

Our teaching staff are busy preparing for blended leaning methods in the event that schools will be closed or partially closed in Term 2. (ie catering for families of essential workers and vulnerable students).

What does this look like?

Shortly we will send out a video to all parents about what learning looks like for students who have access to a computer and the internet at home. The two online learning platforms that our teachers are using are Edmodo and Microsoft Teams. These can be accessed via phones, devices or computers and allow for regular communication between the teacher and student. This is safe online environment and allows for flexible delivery of learning.

For students who do not have access to computers and/or the internet hard packs or USB’s will be offered and can be collected from the front office.


Keeping our families up to date with the latest information is critical and we request that all families ensure they are using the School Stream App. As a backup we are also sending out communication via email. Please contact the school via email or phone if you have any immediate concerns.

All the staff would like to acknowledge and thank you for your ongoing support and we will be working hard to provide our students with a positive and worthwhile education experience in Term 2.

We wish you all the best during the next two weeks, over the school break and we look forward to updating you throughout this journey, and like you, are hoping that our normal operations will be available for our students and families as soon as possible.

Best wishes and keep safe.


Robyn Thorpe