“In all cases, ensuring an orderly learning environment throughout the school established through positive rather than negative means, with high levels of teacher consistency about how it is ‘enforced’ emerged as a fundamental precondition for improved teaching and learning to occur” (Zbar, Kimber & Marshall 2009).

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is an evidence-based framework (Horner, Sugai & Lewis, 2015) the implementation of which been shown to;

  • Reduced problem behaviour
  • Increased academic performance
  • Improved perception of safety
  • Reduced bullying behaviours
  • Increased time for instructional leadership
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Enhanced social-emotional competence
  • Elevated positive school climate and culture


Meet the Team


Kristi Beynon, Charleen Conroy (Senior Teacher), Irini Pikoulos (Senior Teacher), Marg Vatskalis (Senior Teacher), Jo Cochrane (Special Education Teacher), Kaaryn Jakobson (Humanities Teacher)

This year the SWPBS Team has been meeting fortnightly to re-fresh our school processes that align to our SWPBS Framework. We have utilised both staff and student voice to harness buy in and ensure our …

We are now seeking feedback on our work from our parent community. As we re-fresh our systems and processes we will update its section for your perusal. If you would like to provide and feedback please email…click feedback link…


School Expected Behaviour Matrix

The Dripstone Middle School Expected Behaviour Matrix was developed by students during their Personal Learning classes then refined by our Student Leaders.

These are the behaviours that our students want to see around the school, which align to our SOAR values.

Our Teachers teach these behaviours and then acknowledge our students when they see the appropriate behaviour (see our Good Standing System).

When we do not see the expected behaviours, our teachers use our Behaviour Procedures Policy to re-teach / re-direct those behaviours so that they do not impact on student learning (see our Behaviour Procedures Policy).


Acknowledgement Systems

At all times, teachers reinforce expected behaviours through a variety or means. During classes, teachers can give out ‘free and frequent’ rewards through our Class Dojo online system. Teachers also select 2 students per class per week for a SOAR nomination. Every 3 weeks at our Year Level Assemblies, students who have received 3 or more nominations will receive a SOAR award.


Our Good Standing Program




Behaviour Procedures Policy

Staff Version


Student Version – Classroom Visual and teaching cue