Dear Families and Carers

Thank you for your support this week whilst teachers have been focused on preparing for teaching and learning in Term 2. This has been important to ensure we are ready to deliver education in flexible ways in the event that 1. Students are back at school as per normal or 2. Some students are learning from home and some at school or 3. All students are learning from home.

Thank you to our dedicated staff who have been preparing and planning for what students will be required to learn for Term 2 and the flexible ways that this may be delivered, including prepared lessons for students who have access to technology and for those who require hard packs to ensure no child misses out.

We will provide guidelines to parents for what a day learning at home would look like in the event that students will be learning from home. While it’s important for children to keep learning, there is no expectation that the pace and rigour of a normal school day be duplicated at home. Teachers will continue to provide instruction and parent/caregiver involvement will depend on the age and ability of the child and the time that parents/caregivers are able to give. Please be realistic.

Please make sure that everyone takes a well-earned rest over the Easter and holiday break. Don’t expect your child/children to be doing school based learning during this time. They need a rest so that they can be focused and ready for learning in Term 2. Students continue to learn by doing everyday activities at home, which might include learning how to cook and follow a recipe, reading, playing a card or board game, doing physical activity, learning a new skill (YouTube is a great resource for this), connecting with friends and family members through technology, watching a movie and then as a family discussing what the underlying messages or techniques used by the film directors to make it more engaging. These are just a few suggestions as you spend lots of time together over the next few days. Simple everyday tasks and activities offer great learning opportunities.

Please stay safe and look after yourselves.

Wishing you a happy and safe Easter for you and your families.

Robyn Thorpe