Dear Parents and Carers


Thank you for your patience and support during these uncertain times. We would like you to know that we are working hard to make sure your child is well supported during this time with normal learning routines and expectations.

If you are choosing to keep your children at home, as per the Governments message on the weekend, please inform the front office.

“On Sunday 22 March 2020 the Prime Minister announced that schools will remain open until the end of Term 2, based on advice from Australia’s Chief Health Officer that it is safe to do so. 

The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister has confirmed this, but has advised that from Tuesday 24 March, parents may choose to keep their children home for the rest of the Term, however it is their responsibility to ensure their students are at home and not out in the community. From Term 2, it is expected that education be compulsory again.”

For those families keeping their children home and requesting work, please be patient as teachers are currently preparing student work packs and online learning opportunities in the event of a possible school closure. This is a priority for teachers, on top of their usual teaching for daily school lessons.  Students currently being kept at home will be requested to complete their subject specific Term 1 assessments and tasks. Teachers will communicate these expectations to students and families  once they are ready. In the meantime please read the attached suggestions ‘Coronavirus- keeping kids learning’.

In the event that schools are closed, prepared student work packs and online learning will be emailed  to families and students.

It is important that families indicate whether or not their child has access to computers and the internet as this will determine what way learning can be delivered.

We will be offering a range of ways for students to access learning:

  • Students with access to the internet will be able to use online learning methods such as Edmodo and Microsoft Teams where lessons and tasks will be prepared and monitored by the teacher.
  • For students with no access to internet but do have a computer or tablet, then materials will be available on a USB stick.
  • For students without access to a computer or tablet, then hard copy packs will be created and available for collection.

In the event of a school closure, communication with students and families will occur via email, phone or online learning platforms such as Edmodo or Microsoft Teams.

We thank you for your support and ask that parents and carers read all communication sent out from the school via School Stream and/or email. Please download the School Stream App or contact the office to inform them that you require communication via email.


Robyn Thorpe