Purchase of School Uniforms and Stationary:

Dripstone Middle School  will be open at the following times:

Monday to Friday from 18 January to 29 January, 8:30am – 3:30pm. (Please note that the school will be closed on Tuesday 26th January for the Australia Day Public Holiday)

Purchase and payment of uniform shirts, shorts, bookpacks, calculators and parent voluntary contributions are made through the front office. To encourage Voluntary Contributions which help to fund additional programs and equipment at our school, the School Council will be holding a raffle. Parents who pay Voluntary Contributions will receive raffle tickets for free.

All parents are encouraged to purchase a Student Diary for their child (this is part of the Bookpack). This becomes a teaching tool for Personalised Learning curriculum and helps our students develop the organisational skills required to manage learning.  All students are expected to bring a school bag to school each day, to store writing tools, books, food, change of clothes for HPE and their own water bottle and hat. Water bottles have been essential as part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan.