Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to those parents and carers who have informed the school that their children will be absent during this uncertain time. At school, we are ensuring hygiene and cleaning practices are occurring daily to keep everyone safe.

Teachers are currently continuing learning for students attending school, preparing education for those who are at home and preparing for student work packs (tasks and activities) in the event of a full school closure. We know that this is placing enormous pressure on all staff, however their dedication and commitment to providing learning experiences for all, is highly valued.

For those choosing to keep their children at home, you will be contacted by individual teachers to ensure learning tasks and assessments can be completed over the next 2 weeks. Please advise the school if your child does not have access to a computer or tablet, and/or the internet.

Many teachers are using email and online learning platforms Edmodo and Microsoft Teams to communicate with their students. For those students without access to computers, hard copies of work will be available from the front office this Monday onwards. These students can still communicate with their teachers via email from mobile phone.

Parent Teacher Interviews have been cancelled for this term, however if you would like to speak to your teacher/s, please leave a message at the front office or contact the teacher directly via email.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

Robyn Thorpe